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You are about to be treated to the most exciting Animal Related Website to be designed.  

 The purpose of this site is to allow Breeder’s & Exhibitors to interact with each other to determine the entry count of dog shows before they close.  Just for the record, this will be done with full anonymity.  Thus, preventing fellow exhibitors from altering their show plans because another party is attending a certain show.  Even though anonymity is provided, we at will maintain a database of entries to prevent parties from randomly entering shows that they have no intentions on showing at.  Security on our site is ultimately the most important feature that we will offer.  We not only want to build your trust, we want to build a long working relationship with you.

 Now how it works.  Anyone may enter the Website and view the results.  However, only registered user's may actually enter their counts after they have signed in. Then they can choose a show and add numbers to the database.  Once you have entered the Show Search Page. You will be asked to enter the Two Digit Postal Designation for the state where you want to go to show.  The results will appear on the next page.  They will be in order by Date, then by City then by Club Name.  Click on the club name that is blue.  You will be directed to a search page that will have all the show information attached.  You choose the breed that you want to check, click Search and wait. The results will be posted.  Click Enter Count and you’ll be transferred to a page where you need to enter your e-mail address and the count you wish to enter.  Click Submit and that’s it.  You have now entered your count for that show. It’s that easy.

 Have more than one breed?  Just click the appropriate button and you can return to your choice of show pages and repeat the process.   Changed your mind about going to a show or the number of dogs you want to enter.  No problem, just go through the same process.  When you get to Enter Show page just modify your count by adding counts or enter a negative amount to subtract your count.

 I hope that this explanation has triggered your curiosity enough to enter the site and give it a try.  Remember this site was built for you.  Please use it.  Our Sponsors will definitely appreciate it! 

 Thank You from the Staff and Management of

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